Paul Smith


If Paul Smith were a book, he would have been Lewis Caroll’s seminal Alice in Wonderland: Playfully fun, mildly surreal, flamboyantly eccentric – or simply plain British. Sir Paul and his designs – from apparel to accessories and other non-fashion related merchandise such as books, notebooks, cups and other interesting paraphernalia – never fail to elicit a smile. Every Paul Smith design is backed by accomplished tailoring steeped in tradition. The brand currently rolls out several related lines, including PS by Paul Smith and Jeans Collection.


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  • Paul Smith

    Signature Stripe Trim Walker Umbrella

    USD 163.68
  • Paul Smith

    Multi-striped Mid-length Swimshorts

    USD 136.40
  • Paul Smith

    Dinosaur Print Mid-length Swimshorts

    USD 171.60
  • Paul Smith

    Mini Car Cufflinks

    USD 146.52
  • Paul Smith

    Signature Stripe Billfold Wallet

    USD 191.40
  • Paul Smith

    Modern Fit Trousers

    USD 213.40
  • Paul Smith

    Signature Stripe Drawstring Swim Shorts

    USD 139.70
  • Paul Smith

    Slim Fit Elasticated Chinos

    USD 440.00