A progressive approach to modern luxury

Established in 1972, Club 21 is Asia’s leading purveyor of luxury fashion. Our experience in market development, brand guardianship, wholesale distribution, sourcing, and vertical retail extends over 250 brands across nearly 400 stores across Asia. True to our core mission of spotting and unlocking potential of brands, designers and customers, a spirit of partnership underpins the work we do. With brands and designers, we nurture distinct and loyal audiences while protecting the DNA of their labels. For customers and the community, we seek long-term relationships underscored by trust and service.

In this way, Club 21 continues to evolve while delivering stylish retail experiences and progressive solutions to modern luxury requirements with integrity.

An integrated business

Now in its fourth decade, Club 21 has evolved to meet the changing needs of brands, designers and customers. Our teams possess specialised experience but are integrated in practice to ensure optimal performance and customer service.

Our decentralised structure encourages country offices to employ their local market knowledge, while our organisational reach provides access to global currents of influence. Our store developers, visual merchandisers, buyers, marketers, trainers and retail staff work in partnership with brand owners to create a full brand experience in every store we manage.

Club 21 develops and executes distribution strategies that accurately pair labels with the correct retailers to grow brand presence and brand value.

Club 21 has the ability to manage the entire lifecycle of the product and brand, from concept to customer. We work collaboratively with brand owners to integrate and ensure brand coherence and integrity across their brand’s entire portfolio. Our design, sourcing and manufacturing operations complement retail development, store operations, distribution and marketing to maximize sell-through, minimize stockouts, and drive overall performance.

Coordination and flexibility are the hallmarks of Club 21’s production and distribution systems. Paired with responsive inventory management, our sourcing facilities enable speed and freshness of product, ever more essential in today’s fast-paced fashion climate.