Image courtesy of Jeff Goldblum's Instagram page, @jeffgoldblum Photographer: Matt Barnes for Sharp Magazine. Stylist: Andrew T. Vottero. Hair: David Cox

If so-called ‘dad fashion’ was considered a prosaic form of dress, then actor, jazz musician, father and professional charmer Jeff Goldblum and his recently acquired dandified wardrobe are here to challenge that perception. In the past year, Goldblum — who is also a “dad of two, daddy to many” as Dazed so eloquently described him as — has risen to fame as an unlikely, yet ever so delightful style icon and, to some extent, a father figure, having become a father for the first time at the age of 62.

Contrary to archetypal dad fashion, or ‘dadcore’, what’s refreshing about Goldblum’s dandified approach is its resistance against the arbitrary concept of “dressing your age.” As fatherhood denotes manhood, and manhood, of course, denotes purchasing a version of respectability, that typically leaves no room for the inclusion of anything that might be considered remotely ostentatious. But as Jeff Goldblum and his remarkably flamboyant looks have demonstrated — whoever said being a dad was synonymous with dressing modestly?

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