Less Common More Sense

We live in an age where contemporary fashion is frequently understood and defined based on its references. In turn, a great deal of the language and terminology utilised to express today’s styles are based on a previous context which ultimately inhibit them from being embraced as something other than what they’ve been labelled.

In recent seasons, a small handful of designers are working to extricate menswear from its existing stylistic pigeonhole, rejecting clichéd and reductive terms such as “luxury streetwear” and “elevated basics.” Instead, they are focusing on its possibilities and its future, presenting styles that are a union between cultural interpretation and fabric development. Whilst the appropriate lexicon used to illustrate their work is yet to be established, labels such as OAMC, Juun.J and BOTH are sparing no time in instituting a new form of menswear that transcends existing classifications.

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