A prolific designer and creative director, Marco Zanini launched his namesake label in 2019 as a mark of independence — assuming full control over every aspect of the brand. Having directed and been responsible for the revival of a handful of fashion houses, from New York label Halston and French label Rochas, to Parisian couture house Schiaparelli and Italian footwear label Santoni, Zanini possesses the relevant experience, talent and charisma required to spearhead a luxury brand. Yet, unlike the hyper-productivity of a typical fashion house, Zanini aspires to communicate modesty and exclusivity through his label, creating pieces that are “intimate”, “free” and “individual”, as the designer himself has described.

Palmer Harding

There’s a tension between masculine and feminine that the shirt as a garment holds, and it’s this idea of the threshold between opposites that Palmer Harding explores in their collections. Both graduates of Central Saint Martins, Levi Palmer and Matthew Harding expand the language of the classic shirt by deconstructing its myriad of details: its collar, its sleeves, and its buttons, all the way up to its silhouette and its overall construction. A single Palmer Harding shirt attains its character from its designers diligence, like spending hours on the design of a collar and looking through a good 300-400 different types of white cotton to find the right one — one that draped the way they wanted, isn’t too crispy nor too light. The architecture of the shirt has never appeared more interesting until now.


The Ganni mission is simple: The brand fills a gap in the advanced contemporary market for effortless, easy-to-wear pieces that women instinctively reach for, day in, day out. Steered by Ditte Reffstrup and her business partner Nicolaj Reffstrup, the brand is part of a broader collective movement taking place in Denmark that seeks to resist the reductive perception of Danish design as sleek, clean and minimal, but nevertheless continues to be informed by its traditions and methodologies.

Jonathan Cohen

New York-based Jonathan Cohen is no stranger to the realities of a multi-dimensional identity. His mixed-cultural upbringing — having been raised in San Diego with parents from Mexico to now being a New Yorker — informs his design work and the creation of styles for a woman who cannot be defined by a singular characteristic. Patchwork, the merging of different colours, textures and memories, provide a starting point for how his collections take shape.

Feng Chen Wang

Born in Beijing and educated at The Royal College of Art, Feng Chen Wang launched her eponymous label in 2015, offering unisex pieces that are contemporary, emotional and structured. Her collections hinge on a narrative that is simultaneously personal and conceptual, producing pieces that exist at the intersection of culture, identity, innovation and sex appeal.

Greg Lauren

If the appearance of something smooth and shiny puts you at unease, then Greg Lauren’s punk approach of tearing a garment apart to add character and dimension would be of interest to you. The painter-turned-designer once told The Telegraph: "When I got the first Moncler jacket I thought, this perfectly crafted shiny performance nylon is too perfect." As such, Lauren is wont to experimenting with layers and fabrics, tearing the latter apart only to reassemble them into voluminous pieces that fuse various aesthetic codes together.

Wood Wood

Raised with the desire to constantly evolve, Wood Wood co-founders Karl-Oskar Olsen and Brian SS Jensen established Wood Wood to exist as more than a clothing brand, but a platform and a wardrobe to help communicate a lifestyle and an attitude, and to foster a community around a shared set of ideals. Olsen and Jensen both grew up with graffiti and street culture in the 1990's when style was key. Each Wood Wood collection combines a strong sports component with an ability to move up and down the fashion spectrum — fusing elements of various subcultures and high-fashion into their aesthetic.


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