The Cult of Red

It’s no secret that much of fashion’s success is predicated on its widespread dissemination of sartorial dogma. More often than not, the process involves an admired insider giving their two cents. Take the late American fashion designer Bill Blass, as an example. He once proclaimed: “When in doubt, wear red.”

Blass, whose Midwestern charm was as impressionable as his classic all-American designs, did in fact dedicate a generous amount of his designs to the colour, so there’s no questioning his commitment to it. Yet Blass’s statement begs the question: Why red?

Pose the question to a person of South or East Asian heritage, and they’ll glorify the colour’s auspiciousness and ability to ward off evil spirits. Travel back in history, and red takes on a revolutionary significance. Be it materially, through the bonnet rouge of the French revolution, the striking red flags of Russia, Cuba and Vietnam’s Communist Revolutions, and Mao’s Little Red Book in China, or physically, with bloodshed leading to the colour being linked with courage and sacrifice. Conversely, the very colour also signifies life. After all, red is the colour of the blood that courses through our veins. Whatever connotation the colour holds, there’s no denying red’s power to generate an impact.

Highly observant, Blass was perhaps also aware of or well-accustomed to moments of doubt that plague our lives. Not unlike the inevitable grey cloud that casts over us, doubt strikes often unexpectedly and more than we’d like for it to. If the weatherman suggests we leave home with a rain jacket and an umbrella, who are we to dismiss his instructions? Is there any moment more tragic than one where disaster strikes, and you’re left with your own negligence to blame for the fact that you are ill-prepared to weather the storm?

However doubt presents itself, administering such moments simply involves ensuring the presence of something red in your wardrobe. Scroll below to have a look through our favourite red looks from the menswear collections this season.

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